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FLYER Free & Fair Elections Rally Nov. 7

Click here for list of Ohio

Protests and Rallies.

Update Nov. 12, 2020, 11:50 am:  

We can't let them steal this election.  We need to step out and speak up.  Fake Votes Cancel our Legal Votes.

If you're interested in protesting the fraud and rallying for fair election of Trump, see the growing list here.


If you will be protesting / rallying somewhere else, please send us the day, time and location and we'll post the details on the Free Ohio Now website.  Email details.

Also follow the Free Ohio Now FB page for updates and flyers.  Click here:


We are fighting the New Normal by supporting the reelection of President Trump.

Text OPEN  to  66866 

from your cell phone to receive Trump event updates

What: At this time, the Free Ohio Now website is a one-stop shop website for 

Re-elect Trump Action Items.

Who Created the Website: Brought to you by conservatives associated with We the People Convention, the largest conservative group in Ohio, and local liberty groups.


Purpose: The website Free Ohio Now provides all the “how to’s” for Trump Waves, Trump Road Rallies, volunteering to do peer-2-peer texting to swing Independent voters to Trump, and a shortcut to contact your Ohio Representatives.


Equally important, Free Ohio Now’s goal is to accumulate on one site all the dates, locations, times, etc. for many Trump-related events and action items in every county in Ohio, whether organized by the grassroots conservatives or the county or state Republican Party.

The Ball is in YOUR Court:  We believe we have made for YOU a user-friendly, valuable resource in our fight to get Donald J. Trump reelected but this website is useless unless YOU get on the Trump Train.

YOU do not need to do all of the activities listed, but, if we are to get Trump reelected, it is important YOU attend a number of these activities.

More importantly it is critical some of YOU step up and organize some of these activities, otherwise there will be no activities to attend and Donald Trump’s chances of reelection are diminished.

Together WE can do this! Together WE can MAGA!

PICK something TO DO: 

1.   Click here to find Trump road rallies, Trump waves and Trump watch parties in a county near you.
2.   Click here for How to Organize a Trump Wave.
3.   Click here for How to Organize a Trump Road Rally.
4.   Click here to order a Trump sign for a Barn.  (SOLD OUT)
5.   Click here to join the Peer-2-Peer texting team.
6.   Click here to ADD an event to the Trump Event List on the Free Ohio Now website.
7.   Click here to see our photo gallery from rallies and waves.  Also click here to see many more on the Free Ohio Now Facebook page.
8.   Click here to CALL your representative with your concerns.
9.   Text O-P-E-N to 66866 from your cell phone to receive emails about Trump events.
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Questions?  Send an email to freeohionow88@gmail.com or call 216-650-7607.

  Help us Fight the New Normal!  

We depend on patriotic Americans to volunteer, to get the message across about government overreach.  It takes money to get the job done.  Your donation will help us keep our website updated, keeps you informed and our awesome county leaders and other concerned Ohio citizens informed and fighting the new normal.  
The leaders and citizens give selflessly and untold amounts of their personal time, talent and treasure to help preserve our quickly-vanishing liberty. 
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Thank you so much!  It is greatly appreciated and will be responsibly spent toward the cause of individual liberty, not like our tyrannical government!
Email us at freeohionow88@gmail.com or call us at 216-650-7607 if you have any questions whatsoever.  Thank you.
Joining will add you to our email list.  We send about three (3) messages a month to keep you updated on activities that are happening that you may participate in.
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