List of Protests/Rallies


Protest DeWine's Tyrannical Orders

The Trump trains, flag waves and rallies before election day are over but obviously the election is not over.  The post-election vote counting we have witnessed is mayhem.  Is the United States now a Banana Republic?   Incredible!!  We're fighting to WIN! 
Welcome to DeWine's Communist State of Ohio.  He has now issued orders telling businesses and citizens to do the policing of fellow citizens if they see them unmasked, standing closer than 6 feet apart, gathering in groups of more than 10 or are out after 10 pm without good reason.  Unbelievable!!
It is way past time to send a message to the statist tyrants!  Focused protection for the vulnerable is proper but wholesale tyranny, especially on the children and the elderly is NOT!
Grab your American flags, Trump flags, Trump signs and signs communicating to DeWine
(& company) how you feel and join fellow patriots around Ohio at any one of the locations below.  
Event List (sorted by date then county)
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Trump Event List
Easy as 1 - 2 - 3 !
1. Pick event nearest to your house
2. Decorate your car, truck, trailer, motorcycle - CLICK for Trump Train Decorating TIPS.  If SIGN WAVE, just grab your sign or flag.
3. Sign message ideas - Click here.
Go to the event and have fun!
4. Click for steps to make "Honk for Trump" sign.
( Update January 12, 2021 - We have no events on the schedule at this time.  Check back periodically.  We'll post details of events here that we become aware of. )